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I am a self-taught, wildlife artist, working in lino print, in the heart of Howth village, Ireland. The feelings evoked in me by chance encounters with local wild life, form the basis of my art. My ‘nom de plume’ Dreoilin Beag’ was inspired by a little wren, who sitting on the side wall of my Parents old home, peered in the kitchen window, with a sideways glance, looking directly into my eyes and is all of these years later, still a vivid memory.

Each lino print, takes around two months to complete, from preliminary studies of my subject and drafts of the overall layout to test linocuts, playing around with colour, always staying as close as possible to natures own palette, culminating in a final, multiple block, lino print, consisting of up to several colours, requiring days to dry, before the next colour is applied.

It is a labour of love, which brings me joy and I hope the results of my efforts, bring you joy too. Your patronage, which allows me to continue creating my prints, is very much appreciated,